Busch-Jäger IR-Service-Handsender 6800-0-2582
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Busch-Jäger IR-Service-Handsender 6800-0-2582

Net weight 68 g
Volume 141,48 cm3
depth 10 mm
Width 56 mm
Height 125 mm
Protection type 1 IP 40
Temperature range 0 °C - 45 °C

For Busch-Wächter® 110 MasterLINE. For Busch-Wächter® 220 MasterLINE. For Busch-Wächter® 220 MasterLINE select. For Busch-Wächter® 220 MasterLINE premium. For Busch-Wächter® 280 MasterLINE. Depending on the device, the following functions/adjustments can be switched: turn on, activate/deactivate light for 4 hours. Turn off light for 4 hours, activate/deactivate. Enable/deactivate presence simulation. Set current brightness value as limit value/reset to device setting. Activate/deactivate test operation. Call stored settings in the hand transmitter. Reset to factory setting. Activate/deactivate dynamic forced shutdown. Activate/deactivate 2 zone operation. Activate/deactivate synchronous operation. Activate/deactivate dawn switch operation. Set off delay time or short-time pulse. Set brightness limit value. Adjust sensitivity. With coded transmission signal. Power supply: Lithium button cell type CR2025. Battery life: type 2 years.
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