Fermax F3390 Fermax Loft Telefon Basic VDS mit blauer TürËffnertaste
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Fermax F3390 Loft Phone Basic WDS with blue door opener button

House phone made of impact resistant ABS – plastic
- with pluggable horn cord,
- automatic hearing lock,
- built-in magnet for optimum hearing aid,
- antilarson filter for protection against feedback,
- 2 electronic call tones
- built-in door and floor call for call registration,
- Button for door openers.

Dimensions BxHxT: 88x220x50mm
Screwable to any commercially available UP-Dose Ø 60 mm.
System: VDS (Cable: 3-wire)
Color: white

€49.45 (VAT incl.) €41.21 (VAT excl.)
VAT included
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