Berker 1686 LED aggregate module inserts 230V white
2-5 days
LED-Aggregat Module inserts white 230 V~, 1 mA - for rocker switch off/exchange, cross, 2-pin From 10 AX - illuminated for rocker switches series - for rocker buttons and whip pentasters except for best No. 503404, 503808 - for lighting and control circuit When a plurality of glow units are used, the lamp current can lead to a malfunction of the relay/current surge switch. Remedial: Conduct neutral conductors or connect a capacitor 230 V, 1 μF per 10 mA glow lamp current in parallel. Not suitable for push-button switches and push-button switches from 1985 to 1995.
Berker 1680 series LED assembly with N-terminal module inserts black
2-5 days
Serial LED aggregate with N-terminal module inserts blackSerial LED aggregate with N-terminals. ForWippen Schalter series, with durableLED technology. For control circuit perSeries, with screw clamp.Color: blackTechnical version: 230 V~, each 0.9 mA
Berker 3315438989 S1/B.x HDMI SD with 90° connector polar white glossy
2-7 days
High definition socket with 90° socket Berker S.1/B.3/B.7 polar white, gHigh definition socket (HDMI) with 90° connector Berker S.1/B.3/B.7 polar white, glossy video bandwidth max. 165 MHz resolution max. 1080p (1920 x 1080 px) frequency range (vertical) 50 - 85 Hz transmission rate max. 8,16 GBit/s For the connection of digital devices for the transmission of high-resolution audio and video signals, for example from an SAT receiver, DVD or BD player to a display device, such as LCD or plasma screen. Notices from cable and device manufacturers for maximum HDMI cable length! - Gold-plated contacts - without spreader claws - 90° angled rear bushing - with HDMI double bushing type A, supports HDMI technology (V 1.3 with Deep Color)
Berker 20261909 S1/B.x room temperature regulator with central piece, 230V, polar white matt
2-7 days
Temperature controller with changer and central unit Berker S.1/B.3/B.7 polar white, matroom temperature regulator with changer and central unit Berker S.1/B.3/B.7 polar white, matt - with imprint - regulating knob with temperature range limitation - for heating or cooling operation - for example for actuators - closed without current - with thermal return - without expansion claws - with plug terminals 5 - 30°C nominal voltage 250 V~, 50/60 Hz switching current heating 10 A (4 A at cosphi=0,6) switching currents cooling A. 0.5 °C neutral conductor required! When the set temperature is reached, the contact changes.
Berker 10418989 S1 AP housing 1 compartment, polar white gloss
2-7 days
Installation depth 37 mmIntroduction above and below possiblewith cable and channel insertionsuitable for installation on flammable substratefor vertical and horizontal mountingSuitable pipe inserts and replacements for pipe and channel inserts see chapter dry-upput installation.With the splash cases, sub-putting apparate can be used for splash installation.polar white glossy1x
Berker 16511959 S1/B.x rocker with red lens and removable symbol for ring, polar white
2-7 days
Rocker with red lens and removable symbol Bladel Berker S.1 / B.3 / B.7 polarweiRocker with red lens and removable symbol Bladel Berker S.1/B.3/B.7 polar white, matt - for barrier-free construction - illuminated for ribbing - for probe-BA 1x barrier-free construction based on DIN 18025 An optical highlighting can be achieved by using the contrast frame.